Curriculum Vitae

Rosa Mª Sánchez is a doctoral student at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC Madrid), where she develops her thesis under the supervision of Professor Miguel Ángel Otaduy within the Multimodal Simulation Lab (MSLAB). Her current research focuses on physics-based animation, specializing in the research and development of innovative solutions for a wide variety of problems in the context of yarn-level cloth simulation. This thesis is supported by a predoctoral FPI grant awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

Rosa Mª obtained her degree in Multimedia Engineering from the University of Valencia (2015) and her master's degree in Computer Graphics, Games and Virtual Reality from the Rey Juan Carlos University (2016). During the master's period she worked as a research assistant with the Multimodal Simulation Lab group as part of the European project ANIMETRICS-URJC.

Rosa Mª has three articles in the field of computer graphics and physics-based animation, one of them in the Computer Graphics Forum journal, with a high impact in its area.


Educational and laboral background

  • Master's Degree in CG, Videogames and VR

    Master's Degree in CG, Videogames and VR ( Sep 2015 - Sep 2016 )

    Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSI), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

    The Master's Degree in Computer Graphics, Videogames and Virtual Reality provides a thorough understanding of computer graphics, rendering techniques, graphics processor architectures and physically-based simulations. It also addresses videogame creation and virtual reality.

  • Researcher

    Researcher ( Oct 2015 )

    Multimodal Simulation Lab, GMRV, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

    Development of a novel damping model for yarn-level cloth simulation.

  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Engineering

    Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Engineering ( Sep 2010 - Sep 2015 )

    Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSE), Universitat de Valencia

    The Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Engineering provides a multidisciplinary training in both computer engineering and audiovisual media, enabling the students to fullfill the needs of the information and communication technology (ICT) industries.

    Knowledge in software design and development, computer graphics, physically based animation, GPGPU computing and web development technologies are some of the skills that this degree provides.

  • Web Developer

    Web Developer ( Sep 2013 - Dec 2013 )

    Gamma Spectroscopy Group of the Corpuscular Physics Institute (IFIC)

    Development of Gamma Spectroscopy Group's website and its new corporate logo.

  • Web Developer

    Web Developer ( Jul 2013 - Aug 2013 )

    Employment Service. Valencia's City Hall.

    Development of the future Employment Service's website and its new corporate logo.

  • Birth

    Birth ( Aug 1992 )


Language skills

Written Skills Understanding Skills Speaking Skills
English good excellent medium
Basic Level Certificate (A2). Certificate granted by the Portsmouth's Language Center, equivalent to a B2.
Valencian native native native
Official certificate (Intermediate)
Spanish native native native


Programming Skills

C, C++ and C# coding skills
Real-time rendering with OpenGL and shading languages
Physically Based Animation
Augmented Reality with ARToolkit and Vuforia
Work with the Unity game engine
Web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JS

Interpersonal Skills

Good communication skills
Team working ability
Self-learning ability

Other Skills

B-Type driving license

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