Hello, my name is Rosa.

I was born in Valencia (Spain) but now I am living in Madrid, where I work as researcher in the Multimodal Simulation Lab (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos). I obtained my Multimedia Engineering degree at the University of Valencia (2015) and my Master's degree in Computer Graphics, Videogames and Virtual Reality at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2016).

I love to enjoy life, spend time with my family and friends, reading books, watching movies and relax to good music and art. When I'm not doing any of these things, I like to work on projects related to computer animation, physically-based simulation and computer graphics, acquiring any knowledge that would let me fullfill my dream to work in the motion picture industry.

I'm very curious by nature, taking any chance to surpass myself by developing new models and methods and contributing to the VFX field. Because of this, I have developed many useful skills such as:

Physically Based Animation

Work with the Unity game engine

Augmented Reality with ARToolkit and Vuforia

B-Type driving license

Good communication skills

Real-time rendering with OpenGL and shading languages


Research and Projects

I have participated in many interesting research lines and projects related to physically-based simulation, computer animation, rendering and web programming.


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